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Church Stewards at Willerby

Our Church Stewards are elected each year by our congregation at our Annual General Meeting.
Normally a steward will be in office for 6 years and then have to step down.
Our current Church Stewards are Stuart Hickson, Colin Shephard, Rose and Chris Aldred and are joined at Stewards’ meetings by our Church Treasurer, Bill King, 
We all offer you a very warm welcome to our Church. 
Our Stewards on duty at each Sunday service usually wear a "Steward" badge to help you identify them but most people who come to our Church would know who to point you to if you wished to introduce yourself or speak to one of them.
Church Steward Duties
Stewards in the Methodist Church ‘have responsibility for the full scope of the Church's life and activities.’  If that sounds daunting, it needn’t be. It is a responsibility, but one that is shared with the other Stewards and with the Minister. Stewards are placed onto the major church committees to “enable oversight” and to help build a rounded picture of what is going on in the church.
The most visible part of the steward’s role can be summed up in five words:  ‘Make sure a service happens’.  The only time ‘making a service happens’ becomes a problem is if a Preacher fails to turn up – this has not happened at Willerby for at least 25 years although there have been close run things.  
It is the Stewards’ job, along with the Welcome Steward to welcome people into church on Sundays,  The Stewards meet and greet the Preacher and bring her or him into the relative peace of the Vestry to prepare, and they make sure everything necessary is done. 
They are also a point of reference for the church congregation and have to be able to deal with conversations that start with “You’re a steward, aren’t you? Well…..”. 
It is an important job but one which, entered into whole-heartedly, can be immensely rewarding.
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