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Room Hire Charges for non-Church use with effect from 1st January 2023
Space                                                              Charges

Main Hall and church sanctuary                   £29  for first hour, £21 per hour subsequently                         
Church sanctuary Conference facilities      £260 flat rate: with internet access £300
                                                                        Half Day - half these rates

Lounge                                                           £25  for first hour, £15 per hour subsequently

Vestry                                                             £10  flat rate

Square Well                                                   £25  for first hour  £15 per hour subsequently

Kitchen                                                           £20 flat rate excluding use of gas cooker.
                                                                       Use of cooker by special arrangement only

Garden                                                           £25 per hour

Hirings are defined as more than three events per year, and the Church and the hirer will have to enter into a formal contract, which covers insurance, fire evacuation, safeguarding and cancellation charges. It is an important part of protecting the church from any legal action. 

Click on the links to see details for each of the rooms capacity and facilities.

For more information or to arrange a booking email

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